Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall beauty haul in several installments

Not sure if anybody else experiences the same ... But as soon as the weather turns colder I feel more like putting make up on.

In summer I almost go 'nude' - just eyeliner, little bronzer and lip gloss... I know shocking for my age! However, as autumn comes  around I feel like not only wrapping myself into comfy sweaters but also wrapping my face.

This week I went totally overboard with Beauty buys... So confession time in many installments as stuff arrives.

Regardless of time of year I always wear nail polish... So here are a few new ones that I acquired this week.

Will post about combos, I plan to use them in later....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Easy dinner - Fish Take I

Bought a nice piece of flounder and had some fresh basil lying around so why not combine the two for some flounder en papilotte?

Add some simple spices like salt and pepper, dash of cayenne and paprika, lemon zest and some olive oil... Voila.