Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Theme Wednesday - Owls

Theme Wednesday - Owls

Theme Wednesday - Owls by dgsinny featuring leopard print flat shoes

As previously mentioned I cannot help myself but I have a thing for owls. Think depending on your shoe choice the look can be quite different.

... And the dip-dyed leather jacket is calling my name!

Do you have any whimsical animal addiction that you cannot resist?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty Monday - My first Birchbox

My friend Shani told me about Birchbox - an easy and cheap way to try new higher end products without major commitment.

So few weeks ago I decided to sign up and today my first box arrived. Cute to look at?!

Here's brief summary of what I got:

Really pleased with this month content!

The eyeliner is easy to apply and true black and seems to have staying power.

Did swatch of highlighter and am really pleased how colour looks on my skin tone.

Hair care samples are not my favourite but they seem to be generous size to use for one go.

Perfume smells nice - not my typical pick so perfect to go out of my comfort zone.

Plan to use the body cream as a hand moisturiser as I really love the scent and it is too small for full body application but on my hands it may last me a while.

Chocolate will be gifted as I have a friend who loves that flavour.

My November Birchbox did not disappoint and was well worth the money.

Are you signed up for any interesting sample subscriptions?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Autumn Wishlist No.1

My Autumn Wishlist No.1

My Autumn Wishlist No.1 - affordable pieces :-)

What are your current favourites?

Forever 21 brown vest


Zara scarve

Benevolent Jewels - Shopping in support of good cause

What a week...

On Thursday eve we had a power outage and it hit while I was putting last touches on two presentations due for Friday... Somehow both got compromised so I waited until power came back and started over. Last one sent 2:18 in morning woohoo!

Friday nite I wake up to an annoying beeping noise... One of my fire alarms ran low on battery, duh. So 2:30 in morning I had to drag my big ladder out of garage and find replacement batteries. I'm not good on ladders in fully awakened state but zombie-like it was dangerous. And why do they make this things so fiddly to screw back together?!!

My treat of the week was an order I placed on Benevolent Jewels - gorgeous, very affordable jewelry and 20% of profit is being donated to a philanthropic organisation. Current cause is +Works ('positive Works') - an organisation that addresses bullying.

Michelle's customer service is outstanding. There was a little mix up with my order, I emailed them, response within less than an hour and resolution at no cost or hassle for me. Highly recommend!

I bought a few pieces and already wore these earrings out yesterday (sorry for not so great selfie on iPhone):

Will post my other pieces and how I plan to work them into my wardrobe soon.

Again -highly recommend... Go check them out: Benevolent Jewels

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cute little owl

Have a thing for owls. Must have inherited love for them from my granny - she collected owl figurines and I'm also strangely drawn to them.

Found this whimsical little owl watch on a chain a few days ago at my local target - was about USD15.

Here's a close up... Jumper (old) from Gap.

Random tidbits:

- We had a power outage earlier and I lost two presentations that are due... May work into nite today
- Wound some bright orange yarn for beanie ... Hey, it's getting cold in NY/NJ
- Have to locate knitting needles to start hat

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Royal Jelly Essence Mask

I really like the convenience of sheet masks. Don't remember who but somebody on you tube recommended this brand so I went to give them a try.
Bought a selection of 10 different flavours on Amazon for around USD11.50.

Two days ago I used the Royal Jelly one:

I have dry and sensitive skin so I waited two days to report back to see if I would have any breakout.

This mask works great on my skin, it is easy to apply, fits well, is very saturated with serum - my skin is really plumb and soft after application and no reaction/breakout whatsoever. I left it on longer until it was almost dry and used the left over serum in package the next morning.

Looking forward to using the other flavours and will report back on experience.

Random tidbits:

- Caved and ordered the Maxi dresses from Anthro that I blogged about few days ago
- Feel like pasta w/veggie sauce tonight
- Need to figure out what to cook for Thanksgiving at friends' house

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quick lunch

Boule, Gravlachs, olives and mustard-dill sauce - yum!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maxi dresses

Have to admit that I love maxi dresses. Have bought a number over the years and can't get enough of them.
Like them in summer bc they often are light and airy but still cover you up and you can make them work for fall by combining them with leather or jean jacket and some cowboy boots.

Anthropologie has an additional 20% off their sale dresses and two maxis are really tempting me...

Sesvenna Maxi Dress

Boheme Maxi Dress

Will I cave?

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Simple dinner

Found these lovely heirloom tomatoes today

and turned them into simple but tasty dinner

What did you have for dinner?

I see colourful hats in my future

I love colour... I simply do and more so in winter when everybody in Manhattan seems to wear even more black and other moody colours than the rest of the year.

Friend of mine pointed me to great Indie dyer in UK 'The Uncommon Thread' - check out her Website. She dyes up some beautiful colours - bright as well as subdued.

So I placed a little order with her... Some rustic BFL DK in bright colours:

Just for good measures I could not resist to give her Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere 70/20/10 a try in this lovely plum colour:

I still have other WIPs to finish but am really tempted to get started on a new hat :-)

Do you like hats?