Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Royal Jelly Essence Mask

I really like the convenience of sheet masks. Don't remember who but somebody on you tube recommended this brand so I went to give them a try.
Bought a selection of 10 different flavours on Amazon for around USD11.50.

Two days ago I used the Royal Jelly one:

I have dry and sensitive skin so I waited two days to report back to see if I would have any breakout.

This mask works great on my skin, it is easy to apply, fits well, is very saturated with serum - my skin is really plumb and soft after application and no reaction/breakout whatsoever. I left it on longer until it was almost dry and used the left over serum in package the next morning.

Looking forward to using the other flavours and will report back on experience.

Random tidbits:

- Caved and ordered the Maxi dresses from Anthro that I blogged about few days ago
- Feel like pasta w/veggie sauce tonight
- Need to figure out what to cook for Thanksgiving at friends' house


  1. I've seen a lot of people using sheet masks, but have yet to try any. They look so cool and interesting on. :b

    And yay, Anthropologie purchases!!! :D

  2. I bring a couple for you nxt time we meet so you can check them out.

    Love Anthropologie and both dresses were on sale with additional 20% off... Who can resist such deal... Not me ;-)