Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frog day

Nah, not the zoology one... the knitting/crocheting kind of frog, sigh!!!

First I decided to frog some fingerless gloves as they had an odd hole at the thumb but will give those another try later again.

While I was on "frog mission" my eye caught the baby blanket that I was working on - was supposed to be a quick project to give to a friend at work who is due soon. In a moment of clarity I decided that it just did not look right - there was no tweaking that would make it better hence another frogged project (really bad part: frogging took me longer than crocheting that far as I worked with multiple strands of yarn which upon frogging decided to not cooperate but get all tangled up... but in the end I won).

Hopefully the alternative baby gift project (easy booties) turns out better.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Enough already - PLEEAAASE

I am not a snow-loving person in the first place but I can cope with it between Thanksgiving and the New Year when in anticipation of the holidays I curl up on the couch with some hot tea and a magazine or my latest knitting project.

After New Year's day - please have spring roll around. Well, who's listening to me... not the one in charge of the Tristate weather this year!
Almost March and this is what we get...

Please, please, please where are the spring flowers.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sundays are not my favourite day of the week - why you may wonder... most people are off work, you sleep in, get to see family and friends and so on BUT the next day is Monday. I am just not a Monday person bc I have to force myself out of bed early, drag my protesting body into the city and to the office regardless of the weather and usually before I even get there my email is filled with some kind of (often subjectively perceived) disaster. And all I do is wish it would be Thursday already - yes, Thursday is my favourite day of the week. You can smell the weekend... there's only the Friday left in the regular work week and then yep, there is the weekend where I can fiddle around with things that I really enjoy and choose to do.

So what did I play with this weekend? I finished a scarf "Hope" (posted on Ravelry) for a great Charity which is called Compassionate Creations and gives hand knit items to victims of sexual and/or physical abuse. I am very lucky that I was loved so much at home that it would be enough for at least two life-times so that is my humble thought that maybe I can give some of that love back.

Did some cooking - my own Indian Curry creation with Cucumber Raita. First time I made the Raita and I was surprised that it turned out quite well. If I just had had the patience to drain the Jogurth - it would have been even better. Well, goal was to use up the veggies that I still had in my fridge before they developed a life of their own... mission accomplished with quite tasty outcome.

Monday here I come with a full & happy belly =)

Just another blog

Well, finally here I am with my own blog after thinking about it for I don’t know how long. There will be nothing earth shattering being posted on my blog – just the regular daily stuff: how I am progressing with my knitting projects or not, what I had planned to do and then scratched bc I just did not feel like it, about cooking (a lot when work is stressful, yes, I cook up a storm when I am stressed – a nice dish is an easy accomplishment and it tickles so many of your senses) and whatever else I can think of.

The title of my blog will likely make some of my friends and my mom laugh really hard because my work regularly spills over into my private life… and frankly sometimes takes it over. I could have made a resolution this year to change that… but we know how long resolutions last – at least for me. So I will be honest with myself and just take it a day at a time – there will be days I will do very well with having a life outside work and other days I will stink at it. Just like real life.