Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frog day

Nah, not the zoology one... the knitting/crocheting kind of frog, sigh!!!

First I decided to frog some fingerless gloves as they had an odd hole at the thumb but will give those another try later again.

While I was on "frog mission" my eye caught the baby blanket that I was working on - was supposed to be a quick project to give to a friend at work who is due soon. In a moment of clarity I decided that it just did not look right - there was no tweaking that would make it better hence another frogged project (really bad part: frogging took me longer than crocheting that far as I worked with multiple strands of yarn which upon frogging decided to not cooperate but get all tangled up... but in the end I won).

Hopefully the alternative baby gift project (easy booties) turns out better.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my. There's nothing worse than frogging... and being unable to just give up and throw the snarls and knots away. I will doggedly pull at a tangle for HOURS till I manage to roll it up in a nice, neat ball... how many hours of my life have I wasted, trying to wind up a 99c ball of yarn :-)

    Lovely blog - more, more, more! (But your curry has made me hungry...)