Sunday, November 24, 2013

Benevolent Jewels - Shopping in support of good cause

What a week...

On Thursday eve we had a power outage and it hit while I was putting last touches on two presentations due for Friday... Somehow both got compromised so I waited until power came back and started over. Last one sent 2:18 in morning woohoo!

Friday nite I wake up to an annoying beeping noise... One of my fire alarms ran low on battery, duh. So 2:30 in morning I had to drag my big ladder out of garage and find replacement batteries. I'm not good on ladders in fully awakened state but zombie-like it was dangerous. And why do they make this things so fiddly to screw back together?!!

My treat of the week was an order I placed on Benevolent Jewels - gorgeous, very affordable jewelry and 20% of profit is being donated to a philanthropic organisation. Current cause is +Works ('positive Works') - an organisation that addresses bullying.

Michelle's customer service is outstanding. There was a little mix up with my order, I emailed them, response within less than an hour and resolution at no cost or hassle for me. Highly recommend!

I bought a few pieces and already wore these earrings out yesterday (sorry for not so great selfie on iPhone):

Will post my other pieces and how I plan to work them into my wardrobe soon.

Again -highly recommend... Go check them out: Benevolent Jewels


  1. Dun dun dun.... I think you're turning the tables on me, cause now I want some!! I can't wait to see the rest of what you bought. :)

    1. Maybe we were related in a previous life (or lost sisters at birth)... We certainly both like pretty things, shopping, and enabling each other :-)