Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 Hour Bubbles (Knitting)

While looking for one of my WIPs this morning I came across a single bulky novelty skein of yarn (no label attached anymore so not sure of name or yarn company; estimate 70 yards left). As I don't like wasting any yarn in general and actually liked the colours and mix of eyelash and bubbles I decided to make a quick mini scarf.
Here's the easy recipe:
Cast on 9 stitches, continue in in garter for 2 inches, bind off middle 5 stitches in middle of next row and directly cast these 5 stitches back on the next row (creates a hole to slip the other end of the scarf through to keep it snug around your neck) and continue in garter until you run out of yarn.
Easy-peasy mini-scarf that can be finished in less than an hour.
That is what I call a good start into the weekend!

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