Sunday, September 19, 2010

My first pattern test

Isn't it funny how a grown up woman can get so excited about a little achievement like doing her first official pattern test for a Ravelry fellow crocheter in this case? Maybe because my week at work was filled with one little disaster after the other?
Anyway it was on my to-do list for a while to do a free pattern test for a designer on Ravelry - there were many, many, many gorgeous patterns out there to be tested but you have to be realistic if you really have the time to do it on the required schedule ... so sadly I passed opportunity after opportunity month after month... until YESTERDAY!!! There it was - a cute little crochet project designed by Anastasia (check out her Website called "Cell Phone Cozy". I was accepted as a tester and got on my exciting new task right away - it took me just under an hour to finish (incl embroidery and weaving in ends).
Here's the result - my Blackberry doesn't want to come out of his new cozy anymore :-)

The pattern will be part of a larger collection and I will update my blog when it becomes available.

What a HAPPY WEEKEND - two projects finished and work done on another. I know, I know, they were tiny but sometimes the small things make all the difference.

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