Saturday, December 11, 2010

Test Knitting & The Holidays Part 1

First of all I love to test knit for various reasons:

1) You get opportunity to make something that is a brandnew design
2) You often learn a new technique or how to do things different... and often smarter
3) No WIPinitis as you are on a deadline (OK, may not be a favourite thing for many but for me it works extremely well and is fun)
4) You help a designer to improve their already great work
... and best of all: A beautiful piece of knitwear for you :-)
This season I got really lucky as I found great testing opportunities that at the same time generated gifts for family and friends.
A very quick and fun knit is my Sainte Chapelle which is based on a pattern called "Arches and Columns Hat" by "Ancient Pathways" (US$5.00) Ravel pattern.
The name of my project came upon me as the gothic like arc construction of the pattern reminded me of the chapel of Sainte Chapelle:

Very easy and fast knit with absolutely beautiful result - voila Xmas present for Chriselle.

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