Saturday, August 27, 2011

All eyes on Irene

Usually you would think that once in a lifetime events are great stuff... this week not so much.

First a 5.8 earthquake ... thought I had a bad case of vertigo as we are not supposed having earthquakes in the East - once in a lifetime.

Now Irene The Storm - I was not quite sure what to do but a few friends on Ravelry gave good tips. I took in everything that could fly around outside - so my house looks like a mess but I rather have that than risking one of my potted plants or furniture turning into a projectile hurting others or pushing my windows in. I taped my windows, bought my first ever camping lamp and battery operated radio is on hand. Food and water is stored and aheem a fresh bottle of Chartreuse. I am just a block from the water but a little up the Hudson... town did not require us to evacuate so am staying put like many others neighbours and ride it out.
TV's still working - lots of evacs and NY/NJ public transport in complete shut down. - More first and hopefully once in a lifetime.

Here's to hoping that my windows hold up, no water in basement or leaks and that once power goes out it will be back soon. Most importantly that all my friends and neighbours stay safe!

Maybe I am getting old but that is way more excitement in a week than I signed up for!!! No more once in a lifetime - thank you very much!

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