Sunday, December 01, 2013

Pastels in winter - yes!

Pastels in winter - yes!

Pastels in winter - yes! by dgsinny 

Never understood why some people would not wear pastels in winter.  Don't get me wrong I also like the dark autumn/winter shades but pastels often complements so nicely a paler complexion. 
I ordered some minty pieces online during Black Friday  and can't wait to work them into my wardrobe. 

Random tidbits:

- Had fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at friends' house
- Made cranberry sauce from scratch - so easy, fast & tasty... Why buy canned?
- Think my blondies and brownies did pass taste test as well :-)
- Thought I was haunted by turkey I ate when three crossed the road in random spot when I drove home... Cannot recall ever seeing free-roaming turkeys in NJ ( well, at least not where I live)... So you can imagine my surprise
- Did not leave house on Friday but endulged in online-shopping but that is another story


  1. Oooh, are those the things you bought?

    And so weird about the turkeys! I know there are deer out in the non-city places, but turkeys?!

    1. Bought some similar things... Waiting for ups guy to deliver ;-)

      Scored some skinnies in mint, apricot and spring green from 7 for all mankind on amazon (80%off)... So wearing them this winter as I always liked pastels in winter even before it was trendy.

      I know that whole turkey encounter was surreal. Should have pulled camera out...