Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To keep or not to keep?

Recently scored these Cole Haan booties online for 50% off.

They arrived yesterday and I just tried them on - maybe a snitch tight in the toe area and feel a bit stiff in ankle area but maybe that can be fixed with leather softening spray. Ordered refill of that on Amazon already.

Really like those booties bc the black-gold metallic look is nothing that I have in my closet at the current time. Think they could get away as a great 'neutral' as they would work with black, brown, blue, green, and even purple. So bottom line they may just be a perfect fit for my many coloured jeans in my closet (I may have a problem with coloured jeans like in way too many ;-)).

So what do you think - should I risk and keep them although they need breaking in?


  1. I really love them. Like, jealously want them. ;) I have a terrible tendency to keep shoes that I know will probably hurt my feet, and of course, wind up hardly wearing them. So if you think that they'll stretch, I say definitely keep them. If not, sadly, you should probably send them back. I'll shed a tear for them, too. ;)

    1. I know exactly what you are talking about... Have some wonderful shoes in my closet that I hardly wear bc they are TORTURE.

      Think I give them another fit try this afternoon. Thing is that I have some brogues by Cole Haan and they were not comfy at beginning but behave quite well now.

      So badly want them but you are right I should let reason guide me rather than shoe-lust ;-)